My Goodbye to Dad

My dad. Wasn’t perfect. But the man in my memories was a good dad. I never saw anything but beauty in him. He always smiled at me like I was an angel. And made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

I can remember doing something stupid. Like failing Spanish. And the biggest grin and laugh would come over his face. He couldn’t get mad because he saw so much of him in me. He showed me that that was family. To love and find the shortcomings in each other funny. I’m just sorry I never made that choice for him. My love got conditional. But that’s ok because his didn’t. It always stayed the same. Unconditional.  

I still hold those thoughts with me. No matter how far apart we were. He knew I loved him and knew I loved that he was my father. I’m proud to be his daughter. Dad I will miss you but that’s nothing new. Now I can rest knowing you are finally at rest with no pain. No anguish. And No regrets. Thank you.