The sneak out

I just found out my daughter has been sneaking out to see her boyfriend. He picks her up, they get something to eat and talk, she claims.  In my day you made out. So I’m sure it’s happening. Either way. I feel so lost with her. She admitted to it, so that was good. I took her phone away till I could think of a reasonable punishment. 

I told her she’s not able to close her bedroom door. The first time I see it closed it will come off the hinges.  This way she has no privacy.  She’s homeschooled and the only ones in her life is her BFF and BF. So grounding seems redundant.  She never leaves the house, besides boyfriend time. 

We have been strict of her not riding with him. He’s 16 she’s 15.  But I think to find some middle ground.  We might need to let them go to the movies or something. 

She’s a good girl as a teenager can be I guess, but I think omitting her privacy will help her realize what she did was wrong. 

And that it’s a privilege to have privacy.