Used to be…

Where am I?

I used to be so good at what I did. I would be the one everyone wanted to hire. Then they would realize I was better than good but the best. I had passion and knew to have others exceed would only mean for me to succeed. 

Now I have a wonderful job and work with wonderful people. But I don’t change anything or anybody.  

Sometimes life isn’t about making someone better. It’s just someone having your back and you having there’s. The two of you working hard because that is what’s needed to be done to help the world live another day.  I say this while I think of Arther.  My best driver I ever had as a dispatcher. We were both blue collars but I trusted him and he trusted me. And because of that I built a team around us. What we shared. Trust. 

But I left him and myself. Not doing anything for the world anymore. 

But hiding behind the people that do and confusing what I had to what I know now. 

I need a place in life. I need to make a difference. It’s in me and I feel like I need to find it again. My passion. Feeling good about myself. Even if it’s just a job to help the world to live another day… Well then, I think that’s what I need to be.  But someone that is a part of something. The smallest thing. Anything bigger than me.